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Changing Seasons

Every few months we look forward to the changing colours on trees or welcoming warmer or sometimes even cooler temperatures.

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Every season brings a fresh new outlook a new hope for new beginnings. With every changing season we hope to do better than what we have done in the past. However, some how somewhere we get lost again.

This year there has been so many changes and so many new norms that I feel like we are getting accustomed to making changes and following through with them.

Some of the changes that I have seen happening around us are very simple like family going out for more walks, more celebrations taking place outdoors, more of us cooking and baking at home. I am not sure how long all this will last but I do hope that some of these norms will become our new habits.

For now I am just going to enjoy these changing seasons and the simple time spent with the family like visiting more parks, swimming in more lakes and tubing down the river.

As we inch closer to the winter season and the sweater weather I will hold onto these memories and am looking forward to replicating them next year as well.


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