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The language we speak to ourselves

We often say things without giving them much thought but the words we speak have power. They have the power to either empower us or leave us feeling weighed down. I am not talking about affirmations, even though words of affirmation can do wonders to boost our confidence or help us reach our goals, but that subject is for another day. Today I am just talking about the everyday words that we choose to use.

I often catch myself saying things like:

I SHOULD go work out

I SHOULD’ do the groceries

I SHOULD reply to that email

I SHOULD read that book

I SHOULD, I SHOULD and so on.

This very common word ‘Should’, gives off negative vibes, doesn't it? I feel when we use the word "should' to begin our sentence it feels like if we are forced to do something against our will. It leaves us feeling demotivated and weighed down. It also reminds us of other should have’s and commitments that we haven’t fulfilled.

Now let's see what happens when we change ‘I should’ to ‘I choose’ or ‘I get to’ or even ‘I will'.

I CHOOSE to go work out

I CHOOSE to do the groceries

I CHOOSE to reply to that email

I CHOOSE to read the book

Doesn’t it already feel lighter? It puts things in our control and makes us feel like we have options and it’s something we want to do and are looking forward to doing.

If we change it to 'I get to'

I GET TO go work out

I GET TO do the groceries....

Changing the word to 'I get to' evokes feelings of gratitude, that we are thankful that we get to experience all these tasks. It totally changes the perspective on things, doesn't it?

If we change it to I ‘WILL’ let’s see what happens...

I WILL go work out today

I WILL do the groceries and so on.

I ‘WILL’ still is better than 'I should' and helps us get into the right mindset to take action on the tasks we want to complete.

Since what we say and how we say it matters, what do you “choose” to say today?

For me “I choose to rest today” and finish the book that “I should” have read by now.



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