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Radiance - What does it really mean?

Radiance: noun 1. light or heat as emitted or reflected by something.

Recently there was a post on Facebook, asking followers to post a positive word that starts with the first letter of their name. First I was stuck, I couldn't think of any positive word that would start with an R...after thinking for a bit the word Radiance popped into my head which got me thinking what is radiance? How does it relate to positivity and me?

Radiance I believe comes deep down within you. If you are happy from the bottom of your heart, your whole body will have a glow that is radiant and intoxicating.

How do you get that so-called intoxicating radiant feeling?

To find the answer to this I brought this question up among my friends and we all agreed it's the simple things that make us happier and when we are truly happy then we shine bright and are more radiant.

Living in the moment - We've all heard about this and have been told numerous times to live in the moment. Yes, be present, so simple yet so many of us have a hard time doing this. We are constantly distracted by other shinier things that we forget to appreciate the moment we are in. If you are having difficulty paying attention to your child or spouse just stop what you are doing take a moment and just listen. Most of us are always busy thinking about the future that we forget about the present.

Being Grateful - Studies show that those who keep a gratitude journal are happier and more optimistic. Gratitude helps us appreciate all that we have and opens our inner self to receive more of the same. It also helps us clear our heads so we can once again live in the moment and be present.

Hydrate - Hydrate but how? Hydration feeds our cells it helps them receive nutrients and detoxify the toxins from our body. What shows on our skin is a true reflection of what is happening inside our bodies. Healthier bodies that receive the proper nutrition and hydration are more glowing and alert.

Move your body - This is obviously a no-brainer! Don't we all glow after a good intense workout? Moving our body doesn't only make us glow from the outside but it also feeds oxygen-rich blood to our cells.

Strut your stuff - Don't shy away from being you! There is nothing more radiant than a person who can fully embody their personality.

Volunteer - Studies show that the more we give the happier we feel. It leaves us feeling satisfied and happy and when we are happy our light shines and makes us radiant

Smile - As They say smiles are contagious, so smile away and pass it on, the way things right now we all could you use more smiles around us!

Radiant can different things to different people but most of all it means living wholly from the inside out, doing things that make you feel happy and proud of yourself.

What comes to your mind when you think of the word radiant? What would you add to the above list?