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Let's Talk Menopause

What a crazy time. Hot flushes, sleep deprivation are just some of the things that you end up going through.

Most women will start to experience the side effects of hormonal imbalance around their late 40 to early '50s and then others won't have any side effects... I bow to those women as it was not the case for me.

For me, the menopause symptoms started in my mid-forties. Let's just say it was not a fun time. I would say I experienced mild to moderate symptoms. I could be having a wonderful conversation with someone and the next thing I know I'll be sweating buckets, and my heart would be pounding.

Heart palpitations and stress sweating were my main concerns during this time. Even something simple as what to make for dinner would trigger excessive sweating and a panic attack!

I tried many supplements to help with the symptoms and they all worked as long as I took them. What really shifted for me though was when I started to pay close attention to my adrenal glands. Before that, they were screamy HELP and I wasn't listening.

The thing is when our ovaries are no longer producing estrogen then our adrenal glands are supposed to kick in and help them out. However, when they themselves are exhausted or overworked there isn't much they can do. It simply comes down to 'you can't pour from an empty cup'.

Chronic stress is the number one reason our adrenals get stressed and for me, it definitely wasn't the smoothest stage in my life. My plate was full figuratively and literally.

When I really examined and changed my ways I started noticing a difference in my symptoms. I supplemented with key supplements to nourish my adrenals and also to deal with the menopause symptoms themselves.

The main supplements that I took to deal with symptoms associated with menopause were, Menosmart, Menosense and Canprev's supplement called Meno-prev. All of these have key ingredients that help balance the hormones and reduce the symptoms and of course, they are only good as long as you are taking them, for some reason they don't work if you buy them and have them sit in that kitchen cupboard, trust me I tried 😜.

To help my Adrenal's I supplemented with similar brands Adrenasense, Adrenalpro, Holy Basil and Ashwagandha they were all lifesavers! All of them once again have great ingredients in there to help with adrenal exhaustion and help improve how the body reacts to stress and improve sleep. Along with supplementation I also made a change in my eating habits. I cut down on sugar, reduced my consumption of simple carbohydrates while incorporating more healthy fats and protein.

Now almost 5-6 years later, I am more or less over the side effects, the symptoms didn't go away overnight but became more manageable and slowly now are non-existent.

P.S. When trying to decide on an Ashwagandha supplement you want to look for the KSM-66 ® for quality and efficacy.


As always this is for information purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any conditions. Please consult with your primary health care practitioner if you are taking any medications or are undergoing any treatments.


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