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Everything needs to be re-charged including you

Recharging yourself doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming it just needs to be doable.

Slow Down

Taking a few minutes daily to unwind and slow down can have a tremendous benefit on your health. Our minds are constantly turned on and running at full speed. Slowing down for a few minutes and just remembering to breathe can do wonders for your own health and

your family's health.

Try these steps:

1. Deep and conscious breathing practice can be done in just 30-60 seconds. Find a quiet and comfortable place if possible and breathe in and hold your breath for five seconds then breathe out counting to five, repeat this 4-5 times. Slowly you can increase the inhale and exhale time while maintaining comfort and equal length of time of breathing in and out.

2. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and sit quietly, once you are relaxed and comfortable reflect on all the good that has happened that day or you are anticipating that will be happening.

3. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and just be present.

4. Excuse yourself from the hassle and bustle for a few minutes by retreating to your room for a few minutes if that is the only place that is available.

5. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Movement is a great way to recharge your batteries as well.