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5 important supplements that women over 40 should use DAILY

Lathering on the latest anti-wrinkle cream or moisturizer is not enough to look and feel vibrant. We need to take care of our insides too. Matter of fact real health comes from the inside! What we feed our body and mind is just as important as putting on let's just say the latest gold infused serum.

There are some key supplements that are important beyond just eating healthy. These supplements are designed to fill in the gaps to ensure all bases are covered and fill in the nutritional gaps and deficiencies.

Here are some essential supplements that are considered to be important for women approaching midlife and beyond.

  • Multi-vitamins

  • B complex

  • Fish oils

  • Calcium/magnesium

  • Vitamin D

Even though not essential but MACA Root is a great adaptogen for hormonal balancing and keeping the libido strong😉

Multi-Vitamins - help fill any gaps that your nutrition may leave. My current favourite multi at the moment is Canprev Women's Multi.

B Complex - are essential for nerve health and helps the body create DNA. -B-Complex are also essential for Red Blood Cell formation as well.

Fish Oils - Helps nourish the body by providing essential fatty acids to the brain and helps reduce inflammation and supports vision health.

Calcium/Magnesium - Is important to keep the bones healthy and helps prevent the risk of Osteoporosis. Women generally need 1200 mg to 1500 mg of calcium daily. Magnesium and Vitamin D are important supplements in addition to Calcium.

Vitamin D - So important for overall health. Especially to help utilize and absorb the calcium properly.

As always it's best to consult with your primary caregiver if you are on any prescription medications. However, these are just your basic health supplements that anyone can benefit from. The main results most people will experience is increased energy, more focus and vitality.


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